A   B   O   U   T

Riva Dhamala received her B.S. in Cognitive and Brain Sciences from Tufts University with a minor in Studio Art. She is currently the Lab Manager and Coding Brain Project Lead at DevTech Research Group while pursuing an M.S. in Human Factors Engineering, also at Tufts University.

Working through a variety of different mediums, much of her work focuses on people and notions of identity.

Identity describes an individual’s continuity of self across time and space. Commonly, a person’s identity is often thought to be stable and immutable; however, that doesn’t accurately reflect reality. When identity is reduced to a singular, static entity, it is not fully understood. Identity moves, identity is complex, identity is a composite. Identities are a buildup of different roles - social, cultural, familial, etc. - and although boundaries between these roles might exist, they relate to one another and transform each other through contact.

These concepts and ideas are the driving forces behind Riva's process of reflecting complex truths though her works.